3 Worlds: Sacred Tree Introduction to Shamanism

Explore the 3 Spirit dimensions and meet your Spirit Teachers

Your Sacred Tree is your doorway. Your Power Animal is your guide. Merged with these Compassionate Spirits, explore the dimensions and meet your Upper and Lower World Teachers.

You will discover incredible beauty, and find sacred space for your personal healing. Your Spirit Guides will welcome you with love.

This is the beginning of a lifetime of Shamanic exploration and learning. Deep healing and inspiration. Learning to heal animals and yourself and your community. Shamanism is a path for beauty in your soul and your life. Shamanism is pure magic!

Three Worlds is included in Mastery Circle. Members have access to the on-demand recorded class, and can partake in Beginner’s Path meetings where we present the material live, and support you through your learning journey.

Or purchase access to the recorded class, with the bonus lesson

We are being guided on our journey through life

I can’t recommend taking these classes with Carla enough, through them you will be introduced to to your spirit helpers who want nothing more than to help you live your best life, being able to meet with your power animals and spirit teachers is empowering and validating and gives utter reassurance that we are being guided on our journey through life.
Lee DiMeo
3 Worlds

3 Worlds: Sacred Tree  

Introduction to Shamanism

A new way to learn to journey. Enter the shamanic worlds by merging with a Sacred Tree and your Power Animal. Easily travel into the Upper and Lower worlds, and meet your Teachers there. This is the beginning of your extraordinary adventure! ​ We will go deep very quickly (My teaching style: fast, clear and supportive). Your imagination will expand and Spirit will show you amazing things. You will know it is true – because you will experience things that you simply could not make up! Step by step, you will become confident in your connection to Trusted Spirits.

The gateway to our courses and circles

This class will prepare you to enter the Shamanism for Animals Intensive and all of the SpiritHealer Courses. You will journey with a small group, and learn as they do. Supported by Carla’s drum. A beautiful PDF book describes shamanism and enriches your experience. 

Enter the Middle World in the Sacred Space 

You have learned to merge with your Tree in Sacred Roots. We review that teaching, and show you how to establish strong sacred space with your first step into the Spirit World. This sacred space is mirrored in your own home, making everything around you alive and protected. Merging is the most important ritual in shamanism. Everything follows from this sacred practice. We will practice and build our skills as we journey into the Middle World and receive a gift. We will make sure you are solid with your Power Animal. Hand in paw or wing – carry on!

Traveling to the Lower World 

We enter through the roots. It’s simple, and the gateway will amaze you. The Lower World is so beautiful, like our middle world home, but extra shiny, and populated with Compassionate Spirits who want to help you. Your Power Animal will guide you to Spirits who will teach you ancient rites of your ancestors. They will welcome you home! 

The Upper World, and a Personal Healing 

Merged with your guide; pass through the portal into the upper world dimension. This shimmering etheric realm is filled with magic for you. Explore. Your Power Animal will guide you to a healing place, personal to you. Release, receive and enjoy!

BONUS Video! Power Animal Retrieval

The recorded class includes a bonus video – learn to retrieve the perfect Power Animals for a friend, (or for a companion animal). After you share the Power Animal with them, you can help them learn to connect by recommending our Free Classes: Sacred Roots and Power Animal Connection. Share the love!

I know you will love 3 Worlds. It is such a treat to teach this class because I learn so much from your journeys. Shamanism is absolutely incredible. That Compassionate Spirits really care so much about us, and about helping humanity that they reach out and become our guardians and guides. That they will teach us and heal us. This is a humbling gift, and I am honored to be on this path with you.

Free with your Mastery Circle Membership

Join a circle of friends dedicated to following their shamanic dream.

  • Eight hours of live (zoom) lessons and circles every month
  • Huge library of recorded trainings, ceremonies and circles
  • Discounts on courses, including the Animal Healing Intensive
  • Membership in our circle of loving friends
8 hours of live sessions every month
  • Dragon Village, where we meet teachers and explore Spiritual Dimensions. Led by Carla
  • Shamanic Healing Arts. Carla shares all the core shamanic healing techniques she knows. A lot.
  • Ceremony to celebrate the seasons and bring healing to ourselves and our world
  • Journey circle to deepen our personal relationship with our helping Spirits
  • Beginner’s Path to develop your basic skills, led by Karen
  • Animal Healing Clinic for rescue and shelter animals, led by Charlotte
Video library
  • Over 100 hours of recorded lessons and ceremonies, to learn core modern shamanism, helping yourself, animals and the world.
  • 3 worlds, and other courses, that will quickly bring you up to speed
Specialty Course Discounts
  • Carla leads Cosmic Shamanism, and other specialty courses several times a year
  • Siberian Shamanism is Joanna’s specialty, and she has an ongoing series of courses
  • Shamanism for Animals Intensive gives you the fundamentals of core shamanic healing, including initiations to empower your connection to Spirit, with animals as your clients.

Prefer just the stand alone course?

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Why choose SpiritHealer School of Shamanism?


Our classes are small, and your journeys are sacred to us. We take the time to listen and learn from the tapestry of our experience. You will never be lost in the crowd.

Circles and CeremonIES

Larger gatherings for journeying, healing and ceremony several times a month. See the event calendar for all the coming events.

Animal Focused

The Shamanism for Animals Intensive: 10 week immersion into Shamanic Healing for Animals and Shamanic Animal Communication

Mastery Circle

Our Mastery Circle teaches Core Shamanic Healing and an array of skills and experiences that bring people into confidence and power. Working closely with the Dragons, Sidhe, Sacred Trees and your Spirit Teachers, you will remember who you are, and who you have been, and bring importance and value into this lifetime for yourself and your community.

You will love 3 Worlds. I Promise!

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