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Understanding how we are Stardust, Earth and Human bundled into one – starts now!

Starting April 12 @ 8-10 am 4 weeks

Joanna teaches the AM section. 2 slots remain as of April 10, 2022

we have 3 souls?

Joanna’s Siberian Grandmother Teacher has shown her how to work with a person’s or animal’s 3 souls to do complete psychopomp, and to achieve incredible healing. The Siberians (and others) understand that our ‘ego’ aspect is just one of our 3 souls. Understanding this, and learning to work with all 3 soul parts, allows us to do the deep clearing needed for a soul to completely cross over. It also allows us to fully connect with the web of life that supports our 3 souls. And it makes a whole lot of sense of things that seem pretty inexplicable, such as how a Spirit of a deceased family member can be right there supporting us, and at the same time be playing canasta in heaven with their friends. So come learn, and experience the power of the Siberian Grandmother’s teaching for yourself.

who are the 3 souls?

When a shaman helps someone cross, each soul must go to its own realm. The souls can then remember who they are and be healed, and reach out to contribute to their lineage with power and love. The first soul (AMI) for the Siberians) feels angelic and connected to the stars.; to the higher realms of Universal Wisdom. The second soul (SULD) stays to protect us, as part of nature, like the carbon in our bones – but with memory and dedication to our tribe. SULD lives in the trees and the land. We meet this soul when we connect with the ancestors who reside near ruins, or who whisper to us from the forest. The 3rd soul, (SUNS), is grounded in our personal history and ancestry, and is what we usually think of when we are talking about reincarnation.

When we do our sacred tree ceremonies we are connecting our three souls to their worlds and helping spirits, and bringing in the fullest power of our being. This is how we create the power and magic we need to produce big results. In this class you will gain a full vision and perspective of who you are and how to help others.

psychopomp healing

Each of the 3 souls must return to its realm. This Deep Work requires dedication and discovery – and it is worth it! The bounty is that we can remain connected to the Spirits of our loved ones, without any concern that they are being held back, or anything inappropriate. The 3 souls wisdom explains so much, and knowing how to work with it will make you a better shamanic practitioner – as well more aware of the world around you.

The wisdom that any living being consists of more than one soul has been known to shamans all over the world since ever. As it happens with all shamanic practices they differ a little bit one from the other, depending on where shamans live. Even among Siberian and Mongolian shamans those practices vary, but there is one common denominator for all of them: our soul’s system is complex and as a psychopomp we should be able to take care of all of them.

Meet your Guide

Joanna Amicucci

SpiritHealer Master Instructor

I am Joanna Pieczurkin Amicucci, Shamanic Healer and Teacher and Usuri Animal Reiki Master /Teacher, European Instructor of the Spirit Healer School. 

Over the years of my animal healing practice, Spirits showed me how to blend those two wonderful systems into one and unique technique, providing me with clear indications about the structure of the UZDRO ANIMAL REIKI.

Joanna Amicucci

Joanna’s Personal Story of the 3 Souls


Animals are particularly sensitive to the presence of the soul’s part that remain as  Sprits of the Nature in order to protect us. I will share with you my personal story now, that happened in September 2021, three months after my husband’s death.

[September 2021] Massimo left three months ago (July 4th ) and I did three ceremonies for his souls, accompanying them as far as spirits let me. Then he followed the Spirits.

Yes, I admit I was quite sad these days, and I missed our physical contact. We know that each soul piece goes to a different world and one of them remains in the Middle World as a protective Spirit of whom he loved.

Time ago Massimo and me we planted an olive tree as this is what his Spirits asked him while we were working with his ancestors. It turned into his portal to the Non Ordinary Reality. 


Right these days when I opened myself to the sorrow, Kira started digging in furious way close to the olive tree. Day by day she dag a really huge hole. And you should see how determined she was digging it.

I had no heart to stop her and I let her do this, but – the more I was ignoring her, the more she was concentrated digging and watching me if I was paying attention.

Only two nights ago, during our small personal ceremony with two other friends, she just laid down in the hole, she was going out and then laying down inside barking and drawing our attention.


All three of us got in the same moment the same message: “She is telling us, the Middle World Soul of Massimo is here, in this olive tree.” Even the girl who knows nothing about three souls said that she was telling us Massimo was with us.

We proceeded with the ceremony of course inviting Massimo’s soul into the circle [I will skip personal details].

Well, from the day after, Kira is ignoring totally the hole, she was just so busy to remind me this message.

And from this day I can feel Massimo’s presence with us as our Protective Spirit. One part of his soul will stay with us forever.

Each Class will Take you Deeper into your Personal Wisdom

  1. Let’s meet our Psychopomp teacher and guide. Let’s learn about the Suns Soul. Who can we do for it? How may we prepare it for its journey and how far we may accompany it?  Let’s learn about the reincarnation of the Suns soul.
  2. Let’s learn about the Ami Soul. Its connection with the Nature. How does the Nature welcome the Ami Soul that is coming back home? How does this Soul turns into the Protective Spirit of the loved ones? When and how does it turn into the Pure Nature Spirit?
  3. The Suld Soul. Returning to the Universal Consciousness.  Roosting in the branches of the Tree of Life as a bird before the next reincarnation.  What makes the Sould Soul decide to reincarnate?
  4. Full Psychopomp Ceremony. Accompanying all three souls back to their realms.

Join us for this sweet adventure – to help others, and know ourselves

3 souls


50% refundable up to April 6th. Nonrefundable after that. 

3 Souls Mastery Circle Member


50% refundable up to April 6th. Nonrefundable after that. 


We limit our Animal Healing Arts and Full Circle Courses to 8 people on the ZOOM. You matter. Your journeys are sacred to us. We take the time to listen and learn from the tapestry of our experience. You will never be lost in the crowd.

Of course you may choose to take the course by recording and connect via the email list. Time zones, schedules – the class is full – it’s okay! We love you, and the email list holds us together, so we can share, partner and experience this incredible journey together.

Mastery Circles and CeremonIES

Larger gatherings for journeying, healing and ceremony several times a month. See the event calendar for all the coming events.

Animal Focused

Animal Healing Arts classes give powerful skills to those who want to help our animal friends. Animal Communication Series. Shamanic Animal Healing. Uzdro Animal Reiki. Regular practice and mastery circles with like minded animal lovers. You will become a strong Shamanic Healer if you follow the steps. Welcome!

Core Shamanism and beyond

Our Mastery Circle Curicculum teaches Core Shamanic Healing and an array of skills and experiences that bring people into confidence and power. Working closely with the Sidhe, Sacred Trees and your Spirit Teachers, you will remember who you are, and who you have been, and bring importance and value into this lifetime for yourself and your community.

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You will love 3 souls. I promise! Welcome home.


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