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Carla Meeske leads the way, with 25 plus years experience teaching shamanism in distance courses. She shares Modern Shamanism rooted in ancient wisdom with strong Celtic influence.

  • Clear and simple steps that build your confidence and ability
  • Animal focused programs – beginner to advanced
  • Complete Modern Shamanism education in our Full Circle Program

Unique classes gifted to us from Grandmother Sunflower and the other Spirits who have dreamed this school into creation. Find your home in the Dragon Village: a community village in non-ordinary reality, where we gather for ceremony, meet Master Teachers, and explore the universe in all dimensions.

Healing Sessions with Carla

Shamanic healing is the wind in the sails bringing you and your animals into wholeness. The compassionate spirits help us overcome the challenges in our lives. In addition to doing deep healing work on all levels, Carla reconnects you to your own compassionate spirits who will continue helping you long after the session has finished. 

Personal sessions can be over the phone or in person. Animal sessions are usually over the phone. Carla speaks out loud to share all the details of the session with you, as it is happening. You are part of the journey, and you may experience more that Carla even sees. The Spirits offer advice, look into your soul, heal you from the roots! It is profound, and can be life changing. The recording will let you review the session later, because there is usually so much information it is hard to remember it all. 

Many of us are working with every tool we have. Shamanic healing supports other modalities, including western medicine. When we ask the compassionate spirits to help us, they help on all levels.

Fast and Focused sessions are for single issues where we can work fast. Full sessions allow us to get into the depth of the situation, and give the Spirit time to address multiple layers. If you or your animal needs soul retrieval, unwinding of old cords, or other more involved work, please order a full session. 

When you order your session we will work together to set the best intentions for your healing journey. Scroll down to learn how sessions flow and what you can expect.


Upcoming Events

Learn Shamanic Journeying with SpiritHealer School

We have a magical approach that teaches you to merge from the very start. It is fast and easy – and very powerful

Bloom in our Intensive Programs!

Advanced Courses and Intensive Programs
Reconnect with your teachers and ancestors and remember who you are. Initiations build your capacity to carry the Spirit’s Power, and bring their healing through your intention and your bones. Grandmother Sunflower, my main teacher, has created this school to be a way of reseeding ancient wisdom into our modern times. Each of you is a sacred and unique voice, becoming part of the Spirit’s song to heal our planet and all the beauty on it. It is my honor to lead the choir.

Rescue Shelter Foster Healing Arts Program

Animal Healing Arts

Simple courses to give you the skills to help animals

Animal Communication
Uzdro Reiki
Shamanism for Animals 12 week course

Milky Way Ceremony

Expanding our Worlds

Shamanic Esoteric Arts in the Dragon Village
Community Journey and Practice Circles
Transfiguration Ceremonies
Full Circle Intensive Training – 9 concentrated months of Core Shamanic Healing Arts

Your Lead Human Guide

Meet Carla

Carla is a well known shamanic healer, and has been offering shamanic healing services to animals and their caregivers for over 20 years.  She connects with compassionate spirits to relieve physical, emotional and behavioral problems. SpiritHealer School of Shamanism offers the definitive program for Shamanic Healing for Animals, with over 75 certified graduates worldwide. Carla uses core shamanic techniques, with a strong Celtic influence, and her courses cover all core subjects in modern shamanism:  Soul retrieval, illness extraction, clearing entities, power infusion, and more. Plus she and her advanced practitioners have brought large bodies of work back from Spirit and into our practice, like Ancestral Healing, Soul Cottages, Soul Gardening, Cosmic Eggs, Ecosystem Mirrored Healing, Dragons and Dragon Mastery. We are actively recovering the lost knowledge that our Sacred Teachers want us to share.

  • Pioneer who developed shamanic animal communication, and brought shamanic healing to animals 20 years ago
  • Passionate about Spiritual healing – bridging the energetic connection between the Spirits and you
  • Superb teacher, who creates magic for her students and guides people to their full potential

We Promise you will LOVE our classes

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